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HB Index: housing prices stagnated

Prices of flats in the Czech Republic in the second quarter of this year stagnated. HB Index of Hypoteční banka (Mortgage Bank) reported a slight quarterly decline of 0.7%. The decline in prices of houses was even weaker; land prices rose mildly. HB index dropped from April to late June in family houses by 0.4% compared with the previous period. Market prices of land in the second quarter versus the first three months rose by two percentage points.

The index is published every quarter, it is created on the basis of data on transactions financed by Hypoteční banka, which should represent approximately 1/ 4 of all of completed transactions in the CR.

HB Index – development of property prices

Period Flat prices Prices of houses Prices of plots
2nd quarter 2011 98.4 101.2 106.6
1st quarter 2011 99.1 101.6 104.6
4th quarter 2010 99.9 100.6 104.8
3rd quarter 2010 100.7 99.8 103.1
2nd quarter 2010 100.5 99.5 100.9
1st quarter 2010 100 100 100
Author: SF / pb, Date 02.08.2011