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About us

Stavební fórum is a communication platform created and operating by MSG holding. It is active in two areas most of all: its e-magazine Stavební fórum (www.stavebni-forum.cz) brings new information and articles from the world of development, architecture, construction and design every week, and also monitors the legislative and tax issues in these fields. Another, equally important part of Stavební fórum is the organization of specialized conferences and seminars with a focus corresponding to the content of the magazine. About fifty such events are held annually, mostly in Prague, but to a growing extent these events are occurring in the individual regions of the Czech Republic (a branch of Stavební fórum has been operating in Ostrava since April 2008). The activities of Stavební fórum have already crossed the borders of the Czech Republic, as its sister organization – Stavebné fórum – was established in Slovakia in 2006 (www.stavebne-forum.sk).

Editorial board

To ensure its maximum quality and close cooperation with the professional public, i.e. our readers, Stavební fórum has set up an editorial board. Its members are leading representatives of all areas associated with the domestic real estate market.

Chairman: Michal Šourek, CEO, MSG Holding

Benjamin Fragner, Director, Research Center of Industrial Heritage
Allan Gintel, partner, Galateia agency
Jaromír Jech, CEO, WADIA
Jan Kotrbáček, head of Retail, Cushman & Wakefield
Pavel Kühn, head of department, Česká spořitelna
Milorad Miškovič, Sales Director, Real Estate Karlín Group
František Polák, spokesman, Metrostav
Radek Polák, ing., Sekyra Group
Irena Reichlová, Sales Director, SATPO
Pavel Velebil, Executive, TIDE Reality
Alena Zinnerová, Senior Manager, Stavební fórum


Alena Zinnerová
Senior Manager
Tel. 00420 267 206 243
Mobile 00420 728 087 498
E-mail zinnerova@msgroup.cz

Stavební fórum magazine

Petr Bým
Tel. 00420 267 206 223
Mobile 00420 724 595 884
E-mail bym@msgroup.cz

Luboš Hyttich
Tel. 00420 267 206 245
Mobile 00420 725 760 948
E-mail hyttich@msgroup.cz

Jiří Votruba
Web support
E-mail info@msgroup.cz

Lucie Prokůpková
E-mail recepce@msgroup.cz


Stavební fórum
Donská 9
101 00 Prague 10
Tel. 00420 267 206 200
Fax 00420 267 206 207
E-mail redakce@stavebni-forum.cz

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Conference projects

Alena Zinnerová
Senior Manager
Tel. 00420 267 206 243
Mobile 00420 728 087 498
E-mail zinnerova@msgroup.cz

Stanislav Vaverčák
Production Manager
Tel. 00420 267 206 500
Mobile 00420 724 157 739
E-mail vavercak@msgroup.cz

Luboš Hyttich
Tel. 00420 264 206 245
E-mail hyttich@msgroup.cz


MSG holding a.s.
Seat: Donská 9, 101 00 Prague 10
incorporated in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Part B, File 8091
Identification Number: 16 18 86 08
Tax Number: CZ 16 18 86 08
Bank connection: ČSOB
Bank account number: 236972287/0300

ISSN: 1213–9785