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In the field of information on Czech and foreign development, construction and architecture, Stavební fórum is a major professional portal. We are prepared to create a fully customized set of products for you that would best disseminate information on your projects and be in line with your company’s marketing strategy.

www.stavebni-forum.cz – the best space for your targeted web advertising

Stavební fórum offers advertisers the possibility to present themselves in an expert medium whose readers prefer a quick electronic form of obtaining information. It is an opportunity for those who want to be ahead of the crowd and want to reach the clients with their products when their offering is “hot out of the oven”, without having to wait for a specialized magazine to be printed.

…our readers can be your customers …

On our webpage you can be sure that your advertising will be targeted at the group of your potential clients, suppliers, customers – natural and legal persons. Our server is visited mostly by the managers of major construction, investment and financial companies, architects, lawyers, accountants and tax advisors, auditors, managers of building insurance companies, general insurance companies, officials of public administration and local governments, teachers and other professionals.

…the participants of our events can be your customers …

Conferences and discussion meetings are Stavební fórum’s prestigious products. The large group of professionals from the Czech Republic and abroad are given an opportunity to meet / establish new contacts and jointly discuss current topics. A presentation at a conference or discussion meeting will introduce your company to the right people. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us.