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Lexxus introducing sub-brand - Lexxus Norton

Real estate agency Lexxus has created a new brand – Lexxus Norton, which will specialize in luxury apartments and houses and provide services to clients seeking truly unique properties. Peter Višňovský, Sales Director, explains the reasons for creating a new brand under the parent company. “The main focus of Lexxus, at times of its founding, ie. two years after November 89, was to sell restituted, mostly neglected tenement houses and villas; to lease office and commercial space to emerging local and foreign companies; and to provide accommodation of incoming foreign workers. Later the market started to be influenced significantly by the first „modern“ residential projects built basically in the absence of mortgage financing. In connection with their realization, a part of our services became preparation of development projects, mainly in the medium price range. We have dedicated a specialized team Lexxus Norton with an exclusive focus on luxury real estate for a clear distinction between different communication of different property quality and related services for private clients and property developers of exclusive projects.“

Author: SF / pb, Date 07.06.2011