/en/article/19993/prices-of-real-estate-shares-fell-in-august/ Prices of real estate shares fell in August
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Prices of real estate shares fell in August

European real estate shares – according to the recently published report by Atlantik finanční trhy (Atlantik financial markets), member of J & T group – were not spared of the negative consequences of the debt crisis and lost 8% of their value in August. Most affected were the regions directly influenced by the current fiscal crisis – real estate indexes in Spain and Italy fell by more than 15%. Price drops, however, did not stay away from Central and Eastern Europe either. Polish real estate companies, or even Turkish REITS showed similarly high losses. During the last crisis in 2008 and 2009 the development of prices of real estate companies traded on the stock exchange had predicted the price drop of physical properties several months in advance.

Author: SF / pb, Date 20.09.2011