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JLLS - King Sturge: Merger completed

Merger of Czech branches of Jones Lang LaSalle and King Sturge has been completed. King Sturge Czech Republic formally ceased to exist as of 31 October 2011, and from 1 November 2011 only company…

Author: SF / pb, Date: 13.12.2011whole article »

Vacancies dropping in both the Office and Industrial Markets

Countrywide industrial property vacancy is at 7.25% while office vacancy in Prague is nearly 12%. This stems from the latest Colliers International Research & Forecast report, spanning the Czech…

Author: SF / zs, Date: 07.12.2011whole article »

Skanska sold a portion of R6 park to ILD

The company ILD bought a part of the R6 Logistics Park from Skanska, particularly a plot covering 20,800 sqm. The park is located northwest of Prague, in the village Jeneč, in close proximitly to the…

Author: SF / pb, Date: 29.11.2011whole article »

Retail space rents is stable

Retail space rent in the Czech Republic is stable and is not expected to change significantly at the end of this year and next year either. The situation is similar throughout Europe, with some…

Author: SF / pb, Date: 29.11.2011whole article »

HB Reavis IM Luxembourg bought 5 properties

The real estate investment and property management company HB Reavis Investment Management Luxembourg bought a portfolio of 5 fully leased commercial properties worth EUR 165 million with average…

Author: SITA, Date: 29.11.2011whole article »

ČS nemovitostní fund boosts its performance

ČS nemovitostní (Česká spořitelna real estate) investment fund managed by Česká spořitelna´s investment company REICO reached appreciation of 3.74% in 11 months of this year, which is an increase of…

Author: SF / pb, Date: 29.11.2011whole article »

Logistics: Growth of investment in CEE by 125%

The total volume of investment in the European logistics market grew again in the third quarter to EUR 2.3 billion, which is 13% higher than in the previous quarter. In this year´s first nine months,…

Author: SF / pb, Date: 22.11.2011whole article »

Colliers strengthening their team

Colliers International is strengthening their Czech team. Robert Bocker (29) was appointed as Associate Director of the Industrial Department, Juliane Priesemeister (27) as Regional Analyst -…

Author: SF / pb, Date: 22.11.2011whole article »

Flats sell best in Prague 5

The most new flats in projects with over fifty flats were sold in Prague 5. Of the total number of 2,492 sold flats, 673 were Prague 5 – ie. 27%. Most flats offered are in Prague 9 where there are…

Author: SF / pb, Date: 22.11.2011whole article »

Foreign engineering companies interested to invest in Prešov

Dutch, German, Belgian and French engineering companies are interested to invest in Prešov and its surroundings. Veronika Kmetóny Gazdová, spokeswoman for Prešov City Hall, informed that Pavol…

Author: SITA, Date: 15.11.2011whole article »

Holcim and VSH to merge in Slovakia

The company Holcim (Slovakia) a.s. from Rohožník has started in an integration process with Východoslovenské stavebné hmoty, a.s. (VSH) from Turňa nad Bodvou. Both companies will continue to operate…

Author: SITA, Date: 08.11.2011whole article »

Juraj Šaštinský strengthening management of Lordship

Juraj Šaštinský strengthening management of Lordship

Management of Lordship group in Prague will be strengthened by Juraj Šaštinský in November 2011. He joins the company from the financial group Penta Investments, where he worked as Project Director…

Author: SF / jup, Date: 08.11.2011whole article »

Slovakia: CPI opening Family Centrum

CPI is opening another retail area called Family Centrum in Slovakia. Retail Park in Senica with a total business area of 5,330 “squares” is part of a large retail property acquisition by the group…

Author: SF/pb, Date: 08.11.2011whole article »

ČSAD premises in Vysočany sold for 81 million

A large-scale industrial and warehouse premises in Prague – Vysočany, previously owned by ČSAD, was sold at this year’s biggest auction in the Czech Republic. The transaction was carried out by the…

Author: SF/pb, Date: 01.11.2011whole article »

Czech Republic: record-breaking real estate investment

Total investment in commercial real estate in the Czech Republic for the third quarter of 2011 amounted to almost EUR 1.05 billion (about CZK 25 billion) – a historical record. For comparison –…

Author: SF/pb, Date: 01.11.2011whole article »
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